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If you want to know more about the 7 sentence guerrilla marketing plan or the guerrilla marketing calendar you can read about it in: Here is the 2nd article I promised.

Guerrilla Marketing Weapons
You specify your guerrilla marketing weapons in the 5th sentence of your 7 sentence guerrilla marketing plan.

And here is the list of all 100 guerrilla marketing weapons:

Marketing Plans

"Bigwig Briefs: Guerrilla Marketing - The Best of Guerrilla Marketing & Marketing on a Shoestring Budget"
by Jay Conrad Levinson

Best selling author Jay Levinson shares the now world famous principles behind guerrilla marketing, in the first ever "brief" written on the subject. Items discussed include the Principles Behind Guerrilla Marketing, What Makes a Guerrilla, Attacking the Market, Everyone Is a Marketer, Media Matters, Technology and the Guerrilla Marketer, and Dollars and Sense. A must have for any big time marketing executive, small business owner, entrepreneur, marketer, advertiser, or any one interested in the amazing, proven power of guerrilla marketing.

"The One Page Business Plan with CD ROM"
by Jim Horan

Business planning simplified to a single page! This edition includes the Entrepreneurs ToolKit CD-ROM with Interactive Templates, Budget Worksheets, Sales Calculators, Sales Budgeting Tool, Scorecards, and additional Bonus Tools.

List Building

If you want to know more about list building or marketing using both on and offline methods you can read about it in:
Here is the 2nd article I promised.

"Mining Online Gold with an Offline Shovel"
by Joel Christopher and George McKenzie

How to build a massive online mailing list by mastering offline promotion.

If you want to know more about list building or or other powerful marketing strategies you can read about it in:
6 More MUST Have Strategies To Make Big Bucks with Big Ticket Items

Joel Christopher's Build and Profit From Your List
by Joel Christopher

"Here's Your Fool-Proof, Paint-By-Numbers Success System GUARANTEED To Generate More Leads, Sales and Profits for Your Business.

Announcing: A revolutionary, connect-the-dots, step-by-step, short-cut profit-building SYSTEM to unleash the explosive profits hidden in your prospect and customer list -- even if you're starting from scratch!"

E-zine, Blog and Article Publishing

Useful stuff for ezine, blog or article publishing.

One great package that was referenced in this blog post: Articles - A Great Big Ticket Marketing Tool

"Article Announcer"
by Jason Potash

Helps you really understand how to take your article marketing to the next level including software that helps automate the process.

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