Friday, April 28, 2006

Making Money From

As you know, the Big Ticket Experts site is launching on May 1st, 2006.

And it's FR^EE to join.

Yet, it also has an affiliate program.

So what is the #1 question we've been asked about the new site?


Many people asked:  

"If the site is FR^EE then how can we make money promoting it as an affiliate?"

And that's a great question.

Here's the answer:

The site is FR^EE and Joel and I have done our best to provide some great content for all the visitors to the site. The way that you can make money by referring people to the site is because when people first join, they will be offered a chance to purchase an absolutely killer package for $197.00.

As an affiliate you'll get 50%!!

Or $98.50 for every person you refer that purchases the exclusive bonus offer.

And there are some promotional tools right in the site to help you promote it with more tools being added over time.

Anyway, I hope this answers the question most people are asking. 

Best in Big Ticket Success, 


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You should be excited...

I'm pretty excited!!


Because the Big Ticket Experts site is launching on May 1st, 2006.

Would you like to make BIG Bucks with BIG Ticket items doing the same amount of effort selling low priced products?

How would you feel about having a highly lucrative business with no employees, no Products and most importantly - No Hassles!

Imagine learning a proven system to market big ticket items...

And hearing the "Insider Secrets" to earning large sums Of money selling your own or other people's high ticket items... online & off...

Well, starting today, you can!

You see we are going to launch the site this upcoming Monday. BUT...

...we are also planning to pre-launch the site to a select number of people who sign up in advance.

As an advance member, you'll get access to the content before anyone else.  AND you can even sign up to promote the site as an affiliate
before anyone else!

But we're only looking for around 200 people for the advance membership list.  So you have to act fast.

Head on over to:
and sign up to be notified in advance about the pre-launch.

Best in Big Ticket Success,


Chuck Daniel

Saturday, April 15, 2006

How To Be An Alexa Mover & Shaker in ONLY 28 Days!

Whew, I must apologize.  I have been so busy these past several weeks that I haven’t had time to post here.

Which really bothers me because I love to give you information and tips that I think you will find useful in your own lives and businesses.

But… to make it up to you I hope you will enjoy the following teleseminar that was recorded on April 10th, 2006 with Joel Christopher, my joint venture partner.

On this call, Joel and I discuss our most recent marketing campaign for Joel’s Double Birthday Bash.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • What type of challenges you might encounter as you approach your launch date
    (We’re talking both routine challenges and those that you don’t expect and probably don’t plan for)
  • Why you must have a backup plan for every campaign you launch
    (We almost didn’t make our launch date because we had to change our plans for the website only weeks before the launch)
  • How we made it to # 2 On Alexa's TOP Movers & Shakers!
    As you may know, is the official site which records the ranking of websites in terms of traffic and popularity...And it ranks hundreds of million of sites)
  • How we managed to run this campaign, from concept to launch, in just 28 days.
    (Now you know why I’ve been so busy :-)
  • How surprised we were, when the campaign we thought would run for 3 weeks, almost completely sold out in 3 days!
    (We were extremely happy, and I hope you can apply what we learned to any promotion you plan with the same success)

Here’s the streaming audio for the call.  It’s in 6 parts of about 15 minutes each. I hope you enjoy it.  If you’ve got questions or comments about this please post a comment on the blog.

Alexa Movers and Shakers Call #1

Alexa Movers and Shakers Call #2

Alexa Movers and Shakers Call #3

Alexa Movers and Shakers Call #4

Alexa Movers and Shakers Call #5

Alexa Movers and Shakers Call #6