Monday, March 27, 2006

Birthday Blowout, A Cool Tool, And A Gift

Birthday Blowout

What a couple of weeks!  They went by in a blur. 

I’m currently working on two different marketing campaigns and one of them is going to launch tomorrow Tuesday March 28th, 2006 at 8:00am PST, 10:00am CST and 11:00am EST.  Here’s a brief blurb and the link so you can check it out:

YOU are invited to celebrate the biggest *BIRTHDAY BLOWOUT* you've ever seen on the Internet!

YES, Joel Christopher "The MasterListBuilder" is celebrating his 39th birthday on March 28, 2006. And you're invited to be part of this colossal celebration.

Go ahead and be part of his 'By-Invitation-Only VIP Guest List', by going to:

Joel Christopher's Birthday Blowout

Joel is my mentor and joint venture partner and so I’ve been helping him out with this site.  This is going to be a huge launch so make sure you check it out now and when it launches tomorrow.  If you’re on my list, you’ll get notified when it goes live.

Cool Tools

One thing I’ve done a lot of lately is login to many, many different sites.


Because we are setting up the main websites on a different host, posting to various blogs, transferring files up to servers, posting audios out on, etc…

I was amazed at how many different sites I had to provide a username and password for.  I was getting pretty tired of looking up credentials and constantly entering them to gain access to the places I needed to go.  REAL tired…

But then I remembered this utility that Mark Braunstein from told me about at Joel’s Double Birthday Bash two years ago.

It’s called Roboform.

It’s a cool little browser toolbar that among other things records and keeps track of login ids and passwords.  I downloaded the free version at first, but I am addicted now!  I can’t go back.  I upgraded to Pro. It was cheap for the value this tool provides.

Click here to see a picture of the roboform toolbar.

Roboform makes it dead simple to save your login credentials in what it calls passcards.  Each time you are at a login screen, roboform knows and prompts you to save the login information in a passcard.  

Later, if you want to login to that site again you simply click on the roboform toolbar and select the login or passcard for the site you want to enter. Roboform goes to the site and automatically logs you on.  No typing of userid or password is required because Roboform remembers them for you.

Roboform also has benefits like you can fill out standard fields of any form by creating a personal and business id with all your information. 

And you can save credit card numbers and personal notes for sites as well. 

You can also use it to search the web from the Roboform toolbar using multiple search engines like google, msn, yahoo and others.

Now, I realize, that the google toolbar has some of these same benefits but it cannot remember your credentials.  Roboform has the convenience of providing all these capabilities at once.

Roboform can also generate new random passwords (making them harder to guess) and store them so you don’t have to remember them.  And it stores all the data, encrypted on your local hard drive. 

Of course you still need to to save your passwords including those generated by Roboform someplace else in case you have a hard drive failure but I would recommend you do this whether you use Roboform or not.

And although I haven’t tried this yet, Roboform can apparently be transferred between multiple machines which means you can take it with you if you travel.

One final benefit that I really like about Roboform is that it defeats keystroke logging programs.

A keystroke loggers is spyware that tries to steal your userid and passwords for important accounts like banking and financial institutions and sends them silently off to be used by internet thieves. 

Roboform doesn’t enter passwords by generating keystrokes so keystroke loggers won’t be able to steal information that way.

One side note: Spyware is a very REAL problem these days.

I had spyware issues 6–9 months ago and decided to learn more about spyware and also about how to protect against it. 

I highly recommend Spyware Secrets Exposed. It’s a very inexpensive book and the information is awesome.  The tools it recommends are all free to download.

Since installing them and following the practices in this book, I’m happy to report that I’ve had no further problems with spyware.

Anyway, Roboform has really made a tedious, repetitive (but important) task much easier.  If you want to check it out you can get it at Roboform.

Ok, that’s it for the cool tools section. Whew!

A Gift For You

Several weeks ago I let you know (via email) about a gift I wanted them to have called 15 Ways To Boost Website Response.

It was a nice, executable e-book with easy to understand video tutorials.

But I just found out that there’s an even better gift I can offer.

Ewen Chia put together an incredible collection of "Ultimate Website Videos" (including the one I already told you about).

And it's jam packed with step-by-step video tutorials walking you through the entire process of website profit generation!

All told it’s a $427 value.

And he’s throwing in resale rights too!

Open this pdf document to learn more: Ultimate Website Videos.

That’s it for now… I hope to post again soon and let you know about the second big marketing campaign I’ve been working on.

Until then,

Best in Big Ticket Success,