Sunday, November 19, 2006

Are You Sick And Tired Of Product Launches?

Are You Sick And Tired Of Product Launches?

If you are, you are definitely not alone.

And even though I am in the marketing business, I have to admit that it gets to be a bit much at times. 

Recently, highly respected internet marketer Mike Filsaime released a FREE report called "The Death of Internet Marketing"

Please DON'T stop reading just yet :-)

I know you have probably received several emails about this report.

I know I got 4 - 5 messages about it.

I was also at a workshop at the time the report came out and hadn't had a chance to read it yet.

And I'm pretty picky about what I recommend or pass on to my readers. 


Just a quick side note. My guidelines for referring a product or service are: 

  • I must have had a chance to review the product. Ideally, I'll have tried or used the product in my own business or life and been very happy with it.


  • I must have reviewed, tried or used previous products from the person I refer and those have been of high quality and I have a good relationship with that person

This means that I actually recommend far fewer products or services than I could.

But it's more important to me (and I think, to you) to only recommend products or services that I've reviewed or tried and liked and are by people I know have high quality products.

Wouldn't you agree?


Anyway... I finally got around to reading the report and found it had some great points to make.

I can't cover everything here (the report is 59 pages!) but I did want to take a few minutes and tell you about what Mike covered and why you should read this report:

The report is called "The Death of Internet Marketing" because many things that used to work in internet marketing work no longer.

The primary reason for that is that once something new comes out that appears to work, everyone and their dog tries to copy it.

Sometimes they are successful and sometimes they are not...

....but overuse of the tactic kills it in the end.

The reason I titled this note "Are You Sick And Tired Of Product Launches?" is that ever since Jeff Walker came out with Product Launch Formula, it seems like everyone is attempting their own version of a product launch (myself included).

Now, Jeff's course is great (I own it) but the concept of product launch is now being overused. 

In Mike's report he talks about 17 popular internet marketers launching products in October alone!

And if you believe the trend will continue, how can this be sustained? Mike says people will just get sick of all the launches and in the end will just start unsubscribing from those lists where they are flooded by products being launched.

What has this got to do with Big Ticket?

Well, Mike also had a great example of a friend of his, who had a killer $1497 big ticket product.

Really, this product was so good (at least in Mike's opinion) that it could have rivaled some of the folks who were able to do $1M in a day.

Guess what?

Not even close. Apparently the product did well but it got lost in the noise of all the other product launches that were happening at the same time!

The report also looks at the practical side of even being able to support this increasing number of launches.

Mike talks about affiliates and other big name marketers basically being guilted into mailing their list about the product launch of a friend simply to return the favor that friend may have done for you to help support a product you were promoting.

Mike points out that its time to start saying NO to some of these requests instead of just promoting to return a favor. (Of course if you promised to do it you should keep your word!) 

And Mike has a great suggestion for how to to do that and increase the overall quality of these campaigns.

In fact, you should read this report if for no other reason than to learn about "Skulls Alliances".

I expect this to start happening soon and you need to make sure you understand what this is and how it effects you so that you can plan to be part of or create your own "Skulls Alliance".

Anyway, Mike covers that and a lot more in his report. There is nothing to buy and the report has got me thinking about changes in the way that my business will operate in 2007.

Give it a read:



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