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Viral Marketing

Today’s post is about Viral Marketing.

I adapted this post from a presentation I did at Joel Christopher’s List Building FunShop in San Antonio, TX on August 24 – August 26, 2006.

You might be asking: “What has Viral Marketing got to do with Big Ticket Marketing?”

Well, Viral Marketing is important for all types of marketing campaigns, both big and small.

Specifically, Viral Marketing allows you to:

  • Brand yourself, your product, your company
  • Give your future and existing customers useful information
  • Establish yourself as an expert in a particular area
  • Sell your own products and services
  • Sell affiliate products and services
  • Create curiosity and a desire to know more about you and your products
  • Create traffic to your websites
  • Get people to sign up for your list

And it does all this with no ongoing work by you. 

Yes, you will have to do some work up front, but after its been completed you may never have to spend any further time on it.

In the case of Big Ticket Marketing, Viral Marketing can help start an ongoing relationship with customers that will eventually lead to them buying bigger and bigger ticket items as they progress through your marketing funnel.


What is Viral Marketing?

Well, Viral comes from “Virus” – Or How The Virus Spreads

What is a Virus?

A Virus Is A Disease Or Infection That Can Transfer From One Place To Another Easily AND Multiply Quickly

So Viral Marketing Is Marketing That Travels Easily And Multiplies Quickly

This is GREAT for YOUR marketing or sales message!


Is Viral Marketing New Or Old?

This Is A Trick Question :-)

Answer: Viral Marketing Is BOTH NEW & OLD!

The Concept Of Viral Marketing As We Think Of It Today Has Only Been Around For A Few Years

Before The Term “Viral Marketing” Was Coined, It Was Known As  “Word Of Mouth Marketing”


So Who Coined The Term “Viral Marketing”?


What Did Hotmail Do That Was Viral?

Hotmail added a trailer to every message sent by ANYONE using Hotmail that said:
“Get your free email at Hotmail.  Click here.”

Hotmail grew to over 100 Million members in an incredibly short time after they started.
Cost: NOTHING. Free advertising for Hotmail on every sent message.

Yahoo email does the same thing today. In fact they may even vary the messages that are sent at the bottom of each message. Here’s an example of one message I saw when I sent mail with my Yahoo email account:
“How low will we go? Check out Yahoo! Messenger’s low PC-to-Phone call rates.”

And guess what? You can do the same thing using your own email signature!
Every time you send a message you should tack on a signature at the end of each message.  For example, every time I send an e-mail, I’ve setup Outlook so that it always adds the following signature:

Chuck Daniel
Would You Like to Make BIG Bucks
With BIG Ticket Items Online? 


What Makes Marketing Viral?

Three Keys:

1) Must Be Buzzworthy

This is the “story” around the topic. It’s what gets people talking. Think about Apple Computers launch of the original Mac with the George Orwell 1984 theme and their launch of the iPod. Think about Pet rocks, and Chia pets (Ok, these are OLD examples :-). How about popular TV shows like 24, Desperate Housewives and the Sopranos? How about what Madonna or Brittany Spears are doing that is a bit scandalous?

2) Must be of useful value to the person who is checking it out and to the person who is passing it on

This just means that in order to be viral, the people who are receiving the information will find it useful.  Another way of thinking about this is that it is targeted somehow. There must also be a reason that people will tell other people about it or forwarding it on.  For example: they found it funny, or spiritual or it touched their hearts in some way.

3) Must be easy to pass on

Being easy to pass on is the most important key for viral marketing. BUT will still fail if you don’t have the first two keys.
What does easy to pass on mean? It means that there is a simple way to tell others or to forward the information on to others

Like Hotmail using their own email messages as the way to advertise
Or A Tell A Friend Script on the Web Page Or Free resale rights to a report, e-book, or product (the recipient can sell, give away, or use it anyway they want)

Viral Marketing Examples:

#1) Remember that old Pert Plus Shampoo commercial where they tried the shampoo and then told their friends. The example below illustrates what would happen if you told 5 of your friends and then they told 5 of their friends, and so on, and so on…

1 (you)5 (friends)251253,12515,62578,125390,6251,953,1259,765,62548,828,125

It only takes a little over 10 times of passing this on for it to have reached just under 50 million people!

#2) PDF Report with Master Resale Rights (Viral PDF)

You provide valuable content in a niche report.  You brand yourself, inform the recipient AND all links are to either your own products or your affiliate links for other products you recommend. 

A recent example of this was Rich Scheffren’s Internet Business Manifesto and his Missing Chapter.  Mike Filsaime did a leaked chapter for his Butterfly Marketing Product launch, as well.

These pdf documents were distributed by Rich and Mike’s JV and Affiliate partners to anyone they felt would benefit and inform them about the two products they were promoting.  And of course people were encourage to pass them on as well.

#3) Morgan Westerman’s (Viral Video)

When Morgan spoke at an event I attended several years ago he already had more than 500,000 subscribers on his list for this site.  I’m sure its much, much more now! 

Go ahead and watch this video, now.

Isn’t this something you would consider forwarding on to others? 

Other examples of viral video can be found on and

#4) Burger King’s Subservient Chicken (Viral Video)

According to AdWeek this site got 1 million hits in under a day and had 20 million hits in a week. (Source:

BUT: They didn’t capture the names or email addresses of anyone who visited the site. BAD!

They could have sent these folks coupons or discounts on future purchases and driven people into their stores. 

#5) Gary Ambrose’s Impact Popup (Viral List Building Software)

I’ve talked about this product before in a previous post based on another presentation Gary gave. 
You can read the complete post here: What You Should Know From Joel Christopher's Fun Shop.

Basically, this product is a high quality, Post It Note for Marketers product that builds Gary’s list by asking for people to register for updates.

Gary has sold it for a reasonable price and has sold the resale rights to the product allowing other people to sell it or to give it away as well. 

But in every case, every person who gets the product is asked for their contact info in case there are updates. So the more people that receive the product the more Gary’s list grows and grows.

#6) Butterfly Marketing Sites (Viral Membership Sites)

You can check these out as really great examples of high quality information sites based on the Butterfly Marketing ideas and scripts.

Butterfly Marketing sites are viral membership sites. They are based on a script that makes it easy to create a membership site.

You join and become a member.  These sites typically have a bunch of valuable content and perhaps even a forum area for members to communicate with each other.

What Makes Butterfly Marketing Sites Viral?

  • The sites can be made to look like the Thank You Page or Download Page of A Site (In other words, it looks like you are bypassing the sales page and getting the goodies for FREE)
  • The sites have useful, valuable content (Key #2 in what makes marketing viral)
  • The sites have a built In Affiliate Program and JV Partner Program
  • When you join a butterfly marketing site, you INSTANTLY become an affiliate with your own affiliate URL (Key #3 in what makes marketing viral). This means that you can refer people to the site as soon as they join.  If someone you refer purchases the One Time Offer you get paid a commission.
  • The butterfly marketing script makes it easy and possible to pay your affiliates, instantly, via split pay if you choose
  • The sites typically have membership areas that describe how to make money with the site and step by step affiliate tools to promote the site
  • The sites have a built in email broadcast system making it easy for the site owner to follow up with all members and market to them, again and again and again

These sites can be either a FREE or PAID site.

If you are interested in the Butterfly Marketing package you can discover more about it here:

That’s it for this post on Viral Marketing.  Please leave a comment on my blog telling me what you thought.  I love hearing from you.



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