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What You Should Know From Joel Christopher's Fun Shop

The last several months have been a blur as I have worked exclusively on two major projects.

Joel Christopher’s Birthday Blowout & Big Ticket Experts.

By the way if you haven’t checked out the Big Ticket Experts site yet, you definitely should.

You can find it at:

Over 800 people have already joined the site and there is a lot of free, big ticket marketing and selling information available there.

Plus, if you like the site and decide to promote it you can also make yourself just under $100 for every person you refer to the site who buys the exclusive bonus offer.

Recently, I was a speaker at Joel Christopher’s FunShop in San Antonio Texas on May 4–9, 2006.  It was an extremely fun event.

I loved the chance to talk to people about marketing and what projects they are working on and spend some time with the other great speakers and marketers at the event.

If you’ve never been to an event of this type you should definitely go.  You’ll have a chance to learn and to visit with people who love what they do and don’t mind talking about it even until the early hours of the morning. 

For example, Joel Christopher and I spent hours talking with Mike Filsaime ( and Tom Beal ( until 4:00am one morning :-)

By the way, The Butterfly Marketing Package is awesome!  I used it to create the Big Ticket Experts site. 
(Note: this package is not for newbies.  You need to have some knowledge of how to upload and download files from your host, edit HTML and be able to work your way through the different files supplied in the package with only some documentation to help you. But if you can do that, Butterfly Marketing makes it really easy to have a nice consistent look and feel and have a site up and running fairly quickly.  Plus the information about how to apply Butterfly Marketing to your business is priceless!)

And even though I’ve been attending these events for a long time now, it always surprises me how approachable and nice these folks are.

Here’s a few pictures from the event:


Here I am talking about the Benefits of Selling Big Ticket Items

Joel Christopher, Glen Hopkins and Chuck Daniel at Joel Christophers Fun Shop in San Antonio - May 2006

Joel Christopher, Glen Hopkins, Chuck Daniel

Here’s a picture of Joel Christopher (my mentor and JV partner), Glen Hopkins and me out on the town at a nice Mexican Restaurant after the funshop ended for the day.

Mike Ambrosio and Chuck Daniel at Joel Christophers Fun Shop in San Antonio - May 2006

Chuck Daniel and Mike Ambrosio

Here I am with Mike Ambrosio.  Mike is a super nice guy and gave me some help getting my Butterfly Marketing Site ( up and running.  You can learn more about Mike at (

Terry Dean and Chuck Daniel at Joel Christophers Fun Shop in San Antonio - May 2006

Terry Dean and Chuck Daniel

Here I am with Terry Dean.  Terry retired from the internet marketing business at a very early age but has recently started doing some private coaching for select clients.  He is soft spoken and also a legend in the internet marketing business.  He gave 3 presentations at Joel’s FunShop all on different topics (some of what he covered was Branding, Article Writing, Joint Ventures and Creating a WOW customer experience).  You can learn more about Terry at

Expert Panel at Joel Christopher's Fun Shop in San Antonio - May 2006

Front Row (left to right): Joel Christopher (standing), Gary Ambrose, Tom Beal, Chuck Daniel, Mike Filsaime
Back Row (left to right): Terry Dean, Socrates Socratus, Jason Oman, Glen Hopkins, Reed Floren

The Expert Panel fielding questions at the FunShop


Ok, now, I want to pass on to you a couple of things I learned from others at the FunShop. 

I believe the following two insights are brilliant and that you can use them to make a lot of money, build a list and brand yourself or just dramatically increase what you can do personally or in your business.  The first insight is something I have only seen a few people do.  The second should be common sense yet it was one of the biggest problems and questions raised by the attendees at the FunShop.

Insight #1: Provide A Valuable Software Product With Built In Registration For Updates

I got this idea from Gary Ambrose.  Gary is a very smart guy both technically and in marketing.  You can learn more about Gary here:

The concept is this.  Either create or have someone create for you a software tool that solves a key problem or makes your target customers lives easier.  The cost of doing this is either your time or a relatively small amount of money to have someone else create the tool to your specifications.  Trust me, the amount of money you pay to have this created once will be paid back many, many times over either by selling the tool or by using it to build your prospect and customer list.  I’ll tell you how in just a moment.

What’s one of the consistent things that happens when you install software?

You get asked to register the software in case there are updates, right?

Well, Gary’s idea is that in order to install the software you get asked to register for updates, FIRST.  One way to do that is when customers install the software, the first thing that happens is that they get asked to “Check for Updates” OR “Cancel Installation”.

What a choice… Of course you’re going to Check for Updates because then you can be sure you have the latest and greatest version.  And you’re not going to pick Cancel installation because you really need this tool!

Anyway as part of checking for updates the program asks you to register your software.  The request to register reads something like this:

Thank You For Registering

To get instant access to the latest version of this software please complete and submit the form below. Please enter your information carefully, including your primary email address, to ensure proper processing.

Once registered you’ll be able to download the latest version of the application and the resellers website.  You will also be notified of all future product updates.


-Gary Ambrose

This message is followed by a form with fields for their name and email address.

Ok, what just happened here?

You just captured the name and email address of anyone who installs this program. 

Now, you can sell that product yourself or you can sell it to other marketers with resell rights so they can sell it to other people too.  You can also have your affiliates sell the software for a percentage of the profits. BUT, no matter how the customer ends up with the product, YOU capture their contact information. You’re building your list!

Guess what? You can then market similar products and services to these people on an ongoing basis.  If you’re doing a good job building a relationship with your customers than you are going to eventually make far more money from those other products and services than what it cost you to create this application in the first place. And that includes the big ticket items you have to offer on your backend.

I think this is just an absolutely beautiful technique with lots of possibilities and applications. What will you do with it?


Insight #2: You must prioritize what you are going to work on and when

Ok, I can almost hear you saying “But that’s obvious!”.  Well… maybe its obvious to you but don’t dismiss it lightly.  One of the questions that was asked of the expert panel I sat on was “How do you ensure that with everything you have to do that you focus on what really needs to get done and complete it?” In fact, I personally talked to several people, at the FunShop, who had so many ideas or so many projects on the go that they found they weren’t making progress on any of them.

In fact, during Mike Filsaime’s talk he had a series of powerpoint slides that showed exactly what happens if you try to work on too many projects at once.

First of all, it takes much longer to get any of the projects done because you are spending only a little time on each.  Some projects never get done because you lose interest or somebody else beats you to the market before you are finished.

And second, Mike showed, very dramatically, that if you work on more than one project at a time you are really stealing from yourself. 

The reason is that if you, instead, focus on a single project at a time, you dramatically increase the quality of the project because of your continuous focus on it, without distraction. 

And also you bring the product to the market sooner, creating a revenue stream that now brings you money on an ongoing basis. Forever! 

Isn’t it better to be making money while you are working on your next project than not making any money at all while you try to finish multiple projects?

Every single marketer on the expert panel said the same thing.  Focus on one project and get it done.  Avoid distractions. That’s why I have only worked on two major projects in the last several months.  First the Birthday Blowout.  Then Big Ticket Experts. And that’s why all the other presenters at the FunShop do it too.

One idea that Mike mentioned, that I don’t use currently, but am going to start doing is to have a project or idea journal.  You put all your ideas down in a notebook.  And anytime you have a new idea you add it to the notebook.  Then you rate each idea as a “Now” project or a “Tomorrow” project.  “Now” projects should be able to be completed in about 1 month.

Then pick 1 “Now” project and only work on it until its done!

Then when you are finished, go back to your project or idea journal and pick your next “Now” project. 

Work on that project until it is finished. And so on…

After 1  month you have 1 income stream
After 2 months you have 2 income streams

Can you see how valuable this insight is?  Start your own project or idea journal, TODAY!

By the way, if you can afford to, outsource some tasks of each project to others so you don’t have to do everything yourself.



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