Saturday, April 15, 2006

How To Be An Alexa Mover & Shaker in ONLY 28 Days!

Whew, I must apologize.  I have been so busy these past several weeks that I haven’t had time to post here.

Which really bothers me because I love to give you information and tips that I think you will find useful in your own lives and businesses.

But… to make it up to you I hope you will enjoy the following teleseminar that was recorded on April 10th, 2006 with Joel Christopher, my joint venture partner.

On this call, Joel and I discuss our most recent marketing campaign for Joel’s Double Birthday Bash.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • What type of challenges you might encounter as you approach your launch date
    (We’re talking both routine challenges and those that you don’t expect and probably don’t plan for)
  • Why you must have a backup plan for every campaign you launch
    (We almost didn’t make our launch date because we had to change our plans for the website only weeks before the launch)
  • How we made it to # 2 On Alexa's TOP Movers & Shakers!
    As you may know, is the official site which records the ranking of websites in terms of traffic and popularity...And it ranks hundreds of million of sites)
  • How we managed to run this campaign, from concept to launch, in just 28 days.
    (Now you know why I’ve been so busy :-)
  • How surprised we were, when the campaign we thought would run for 3 weeks, almost completely sold out in 3 days!
    (We were extremely happy, and I hope you can apply what we learned to any promotion you plan with the same success)

Here’s the streaming audio for the call.  It’s in 6 parts of about 15 minutes each. I hope you enjoy it.  If you’ve got questions or comments about this please post a comment on the blog.

Alexa Movers and Shakers Call #1

Alexa Movers and Shakers Call #2

Alexa Movers and Shakers Call #3

Alexa Movers and Shakers Call #4

Alexa Movers and Shakers Call #5

Alexa Movers and Shakers Call #6



Tracy said...

Excellent information as usual, any chance on having the audio set up as downloadable mp3's? I'm a stay at home dad that homeschools 4 kids, so can't always be sitting at the computer during the day to listen to audios but do love to download and listen to excellent advice as I go about my daily tasks.

6:49 PM  
Chuck Daniel said...

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I can only provide streaming access on my blog for now. I am working on the the downloadable version but have other plans in mind for it. I also sent you an email, please let me know that you received it.


9:48 AM  
Anonymous said...

I second the idea! Audioblog is providing your streaming audio, can't they also provide bandwidth for .mp3s?

If it's streaming, I have to be in front of the computer instead of driving or doing something else while listening. It's gotten to the point where I just don't listen to streaming audio anymore -- it's too inconvenient.

I've heard comments to the effect that the reason marketers use streaming media instead of downloadable is so someone doesn't copy and share the download (i.e., to prevent theft). It doesn't work -- there are programs out there to record streams into .mp3s.

I know your content is free. I'm glad you've made it available. But because it's streaming, I just can't use it.

Thank you for listening.


4:13 PM  
Anonymous said...

Alexa only measures surfers with the toolbar installed. The vast majority of people don't have Alexa on their computer. You can get a good Alexa rating simply by having a site that internet marketing and webmasters visit in disproportionate numbers. I've seen people with Alexa ratings in the top 1% who get 5 visitors a day---all five happened to have the toolbar installed! Alexa is such a meaningless measure. The only number that ultimately matters is number of sales.

6:31 AM  
Chuck Daniel said...

Hey dcm,

I hear you. I eventually plan to provide a way for folks to get the MP3 versions of this info.

But right now I've got to make it work with the other plans that I have. I do plan to let everyone know how they can get it when it becomes available.

I can certainly understand the different needs from different people.

Thanks for your comment


10:08 PM  
Chuck Daniel said...

In regards to Alexa only measuring surfers with the toolbar installed.

That is true... but Alexa rank is only one tool of many that marketers use on a daily basis.

I personally wouldn't dismiss its significance though. You are right that it is only a subset of all people that visit and that in some very specific cases people can reach a high rank with low traffic.

But I believe this is the exception rather than the rule.

If your site makes it to a high Alexa rank it generally means your traffic is pretty high.

Most marketers I know would love to make the Alexa Movers and Shakers page!

You said, the only number that ultimately matters is number of sales.

In our case sales were extremely good. We had originally planned for a 3 week campaign and we were virtually sold out in 3 days!

You can find out the sales numbers and other details by listening to the audio. They were huge.

Thanks for your comment.


10:16 PM  

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