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What I Learned From Joel Roberts at The Power To Influence Seminar

First who is Joel Roberts?

I got this brief biography from

A former top-rated, syndicated radio show host whose show ran in the hottest markets in the country, Joel Roberts has trained the Chicken Soup for the Soul authors (i.e. Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield), and a host of other authors for the media. Considered one of the preeminent media trainers in the country, Joel’s techniques serve authors particularly well.

I had a chance to hear Joel speak at the Power of Influence Seminar I attended in San Diego, CA on 11/9/05 – 11/12/05.

I want to pass on to you several key points I learned from just one of the presentations that Joel did at that seminar. Those points are extremely relevant if you are in a sales position, needing to influence someone or even just writing copy for a sales letter.

Aren’t we all?

Any errors or omissions are my own.

Joel was talking about credibility.

Joel started by asking these questions. What moves you?  What moves all of us?  What moves people as a group but also what moves others about you? Impact and Influence: Where does it happen, how does it happen, why does it happen, and when does it happen? 

First, Credibility and Charisma are two key aspects of impact and influence. They often go hand in hand and separating them from each other is an artificial thing to do.

The CORE of credibility is a function of the LISTENER.  Credibility of a person is ASSIGNED by the LISTENER.  If YOU don’t think someone is credible then they are NOT.

Front loading your key selling propositions about yourself …your key credentials you walked into the room with are an important part of establishing your credibility.  But it is NOT sufficient.

How can you establish credibility in an area where you may not have expertise? Powerfully state the limits of your power. Tell people when you aren’t an expert in an area because the honesty of it makes people regard you as all that much more credible.

This is especially good news for people who have less experience than others. 

Enthusiasm plays a key role in impacting others.  People love people who are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do.

What is the other side of the coin from expertise?  HUMANITY.

The power of your communication is a balance between your expertise and your humanity (especially in the public sphere).

Where does power reside in language?  Impact resides in concrete language.  This does not mean we are enemies of abstraction but power is in concrete language.

Having specific data and numbers help credibility. Also, having credible clients is a HUGE credibility booster as well. The truth is NOT enough to make you credible. You need to have PROOF.

Stories help any presentation.

Now here are some practical ideas you can use in your own life or business based on what I heard Joel say:

Make sure you have specific proof to backup what you say.  Use actual, detailed numbers from the real world. This might be in the form of customer testimonials, real account statements if you are making income claims or personal references from other people who are credible themselves.

If your product or service has a weakness or isn’t right for everybody, point that out up front.  People will thank you for it if its not the right product for them, you’ll get less returns and you’ll build your own credibility for having the honesty to point this out right up front.

Remember, that people aren’t looking for just a product or service.  They are looking for a solution to their problems.  They are looking at the whole package and that package includes YOU.  So make sure your presentations, sales literature and copy show your personality.  This is part of your humanity.  You are just like all the rest of the people looking at your product in some ways.  Make sure you identify with them.



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Hi Big Ticket Marketing,

That's especially true! I learn the same thing from Joel too. He's a genius.

And you have sum up what he taught beautifully.

Check out here, and I have share my experience on his seminar too.

To Your Success,
Roy Phay

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Thanks for sharing!


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