Friday, April 29, 2005

An Important Update For You

This post is an update with some IMPORTANT and FUN items.  So let’s get right to it.


Back in February, I had a week off with my family in Whistler, BC, Canada.  It’s a ski resort that is about a 4 hour drive from where we live in Bellevue, WA.  The weather was great but there was no snow.  Basically spring skiing and snowboarding conditions if you know what that’s like.

While I was there, I did get one very nasty surprise.  I was using the wireless connectivity to the internet in our hotel.  No problems getting connected, speed was good… BUT within minutes of connecting I realized something was WRONG!

I started getting popups even when I wasn’t browsing anywhere.  My laptop slowed right down to a crawl. I tried to figure out what was going on.  I checked the process running on my machine to see which of them was using most of the processing power of the laptop.  What I saw were a bunch of running programs that I didn’t start. 

They had names like adserver and admon.  In short, I had become a victim of spyware!

There’s a lot to know about spyware, but I’ll give you a short explanation.

Spyware comes in two basic categories:

  1. Adware
  2. Surveillance

Adware is the annoying but less worrisome of the two categories.  If you get adware on your pc then you get popups appearing at random when you don’t expect them.  You may be shown ad for competitive products as you are surfing the internet. 

Like I said its hardly fatal, but annoying.  Plus all those adware programs are consuming memory, disk space and bandwidth from programs that you really did want to run.

Worse, yet, some of those adware programs will turn around and download other spyware programs WITHOUT telling you.

The second category, surveillance spyware is the more serious of the two.  These types of programs usually run in the background without you know it and record your keystrokes and other information.  So if you shop online or logon to do banking online, these programs could be recording your account information and passwords!!!  And then sending that information to someone via your internet connection.

Ok, to make a long story short, I was able to download a version of Microsoft’s AntiSpyware program and cleanup most of the problems I was seeing.  But I promised myself that I was going to learn more about spyware and make sure that I took some steps to ensure that this type of activity was not going to happen again. 

One of the things I did this past week was purchase an ebook on spyware.  It sounded very complete and the price was great too.  I downloaded the book and started reading it.  And I learned a lot!  I consider myself fairly sophisticated when it comes to technical challenges like viruses and spyware because of my background in software and working at Microsoft for many years. 

But the book showed me some things that I didn’t know.  And best of all it recommended some antispyware programs that were great and FREE!  It even tells you how to configure them and run them to ensure you have the best possible chance of eliminating spyware from your system and preventing it from coming back.

So far most of my computers came out pretty clean because of some of the precautions I had already taken.

But there was some spyware on my main computer too.  One program was downloaded, unknowingly, by my son because he thought the cursors it let him use were cool! These types were cleaned up easily by the programs and recommendations in the book.

However, I did find really nasty, hard to remove, piece of spyware that I am still working on.  And trust me, with my background I tried a lot of things that should have killed it!  But the book saved me again because it actually told me what to do about it and where to get the help I needed.

Anyway, this should be a Big Ticket concern for everybody.  You work hard on your business and marketing and you don’t want your accounts, passwords or time stolen by spyware.  I only recommend items that I personally use and have given me great value.  If you want to check out this ebook and protect yourself you can do so at this link:

Upcoming Marketing Campaigns

My joint venture partner and mentor, Joel Christopher and I are working on some cool marketing campaigns over the next 3–4 months.  Its a little early to tell you about them yet.  But I will say that the products great and you are going to be able to get them at the best possible prices.

I’ll announce more about the products and the special prices to the my valued list members once they are closer to completion.

If you are not currently on my list you can sign up for the Big Ticket E-List using the opt-in box on the right hand side of this blog.  Or if you want to learn more about the Big Ticket Home Study System, you can go to:

and sign up for the audio e-course.  Signing up for the Big Ticket E-List or the Big Ticket Home Study Audio e-course ensures that you will be notified of all future offers and other valuable information.

Upcoming Article

I had planned to have an article written on another Big Ticket Marketing tool but I got so busy this past week that I couldn’t complete it.  The topic for the article was going to be on business networking. Not the hook your computers together type :-). But the type where you attend a business meeting, seminar or workshop and you meet a lot of other like minded people that you might build relationships with so that they may be able to help you later in some way.  It could be a joint venture in the future or just someone who ends up in your mastermind group that you can bounce ideas off of.  Anyway, I am still working on that so look for at soon.

In Search of Heroes Program

I was recently honored by being selected as an internet hero in the In Search of Heroes program.  You can learn more about the program here:

I was interviewed by Ralph Zuranski, the creator of the program.  I learned about the program from Ralph who I had met previously at several seminars and workshops.  The program teaches kids about copywriting and marketing and helps them to help businesses in their local areas.  The kids learn skills that will be valuable no matter what they decide to do in their lives and they can actually see those skills work in a real world environment.

And the staff for the program are fantastic.  Look at this list:

Alan Bechtold, Bob Silber, Carl Turner, Craig Garber,  David Garfinkel,  Joe Vitale, Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, Nerissa Oden, Orrin Hudson, Ralph Zuranski, Randy Charach, Rick Raddatz, Ted Ciuba, Ted Nicholas, Terri Levine, Tony Marino, Troy White and Vicky Herron

These folks really are among the best in their fields.  I feel honored to be included with them as part of this program.  One area I wanted to spend more time on when I left Microsoft was to work for charities and other good causes.  This is definitely one of them.  If you want to know more about the program you can contact either me or Ralph Zuranski.  Our contact information is on the site.

And if you want to listen to the interview I did with Ralph and learn about one of the scariest experiences of my life you can do that here:

Coming Soon – New Release of the Big Ticket Marketing Audio E-Course

This past week I’ve also been creating a web based version of the Big Ticket Audio E-course.  The new course will be nicer because it will be web based with streaming audio.  Plus, I going to expand the content to include information that was only discussed at some webinars that I did.  Once it’s ready, I’ll let people know via email update so you can check it out.  (Make sure you are on my update list. You can join by following the instructions I gave under the section above on Upcoming Marketing Campaigns)

Lake Tahoe Pictures

You can find pictures from our recent trip to Lake Tahoe here:

That’s it for this time.

Best in Big Ticket Success,


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Double Birthday Bash Fun!

This week, I’ve got something just a little bit different for everyone.  I finally got my pictures organized from the Double Birthday Bash I attended in March.  And my friend and fellow Joel Christopher mentee, Vijay Kannan, sent my some pictures that he had taken of the event as well.  So I decided to take some of those pictures and publish them for you to see.

You can find the pictures here:

I’ve tried to put names to all the faces and give a brief description of who people are and their web sites for you to check out further if you are interested.  This was a very fun event but a long one.  I had a chance to meet a  lot of great people and learn from them and just get to to know them better personally.

One of the coolest things about this business (direct and internet marketing) is how available and helpful the people are to answer questions and just discuss things of mutual interest.  These folks are the most successful at what they do and yet they are still mingling, having fun, answering questions, and meeting new people.

Anyway, I know this is a bit different, but I hope its different in a good way.  Feel free to comment or send me mail about the people or the event.  If you’d like to see even more pictures, let me know that too.

Best in Big Ticket Success,


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Discover the 5 ESSENTIAL Elements of a Profit-Generating Long Salesletter

A couple of weeks ago I published an article I wrote called “7 Big Ticket Copywriting Secrets I Learned From Ted Nicholas”. 

Of course by now I hope your realize how important copywriting and your sales letter is in Big Ticket Marketing. 

In particular, for Big Ticket items, long copy sales letters are vital.  Since this is the primary way you will be communicating with your potential customers you need to ensure that you cover all the possible benefits of your Big Ticket product or service and also eliminate any possible objections or issues that your potential customers could raise.

I am on the road this week but I found an article by Cory Rudl that talks about long sales copy that I hope you enjoy.  You can see that Cory talks about some of the same elements that I learned form Ted Nicholas at the Double Birthday Bash.  But he also covers some other areas that are important for your Big Ticket salesletter. 

I hope you enjoy the article!



"Discover the 5 ESSENTIAL Elements of a Profit-Generating
Long Salesletter… and How to Use Them to Clinch
at Least 70% More Sales!"


Without a doubt, sales copy is one of the most important elements of a web site. Time and time again, I've seen a few small improvements to a site's sales copy result in a massive boost in sales!

But, despite this, sales copy is also one of the most neglected elements of most web sites -- particularly by new Internet entrepreneurs.

For starters, people are often unsure how long their sales copy should be. Here's a general rule to go by: If you offer a single product (or a group of products that share the same benefits) on your web site, then you need a LONG salesletter on your homepage.

Most people think one or two paragraphs are enough, but in fact, the process takes much more than that. Think about it: Sales copy replaces the human interaction of an offline sales experience. And, unlike a face-to-face encounter, there's no opportunity for a prospective customer to get to know you online, or to ask for more detail about a product benefit, or to raise concerns.

So your sales copy has to cover every possible question a visitor to your site may have about you and your product or service. A long, structured salesletter gives you the space to do this, and provides all the information your visitor needs to help them make the decision to buy.

I know, because I've tested my own sales copy to death over the years! On, I tested a long salesletter (containing around eight pages of copy) against the same copy split over four separate web pages... and the long copy generated almost 70% more sales! As you may imagine, I've been using this long salesletter format ever since!

But how long is long? The answer to that is… As long as it needs to be to fit in all the elements required for you to close the sale!

Typically, the higher the price point, and the more complex your product or service, the longer the salesletter. Longer copy allows you to spend adequate time accomplishing all the tasks that are vital to closing the sale, including the five essential elements of successful sales copy:

  1. Determine your unique selling proposition (USP)
  2. Grab the reader's attention with a killer headline
  3. Establish your credibility
  4. Solve your reader's biggest problem
  5. Include a strong guarantee

With all these elements in place, your sales copy will have the power to take your visitors by the hand and lead them step by step through your sales process, addressing their concerns and answering their questions along the way... giving them the level of comfort and the information they need before they can take the next step -- and buy your product!

Essential salesletter element #1:
Determine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your unique selling proposition is a benefit of your product or service that makes it "unique" in the eyes of your customers, and what makes it stand apart from your competition's products or services.

You need to ask yourself what your product does better or differently from competing products. Does it cost less? Does it look better? Are there any special or unique features?

An example of a great USP is Domino's Pizza's guarantee of "30-minute delivery or it's free!" They don't try to sell you on the quality of their pizza -- instead, they promise to deliver fresh, hot pizza in 30 minutes, or you don't pay. This promise sets them apart from everyone else, which makes it a great USP.

The key is to find one thing that your competition doesn't offer, and then use it as the foundation of your sales copy. Your USP and the benefits that come from it should be placed throughout your copy, starting with the headline…

Essential salesletter element #2:
Grab the reader's attention with a killer headline

When visitors arrive at your web site, it's a safe bet that they've come looking for information about your products or a solution to a problem they have. However, you still have a lot of work to do. After all, it's more than likely that there are other sites offering similar information and products just a couple of clicks away!

So if you're going to make that sale, it's critical that you grab each visitor's attention right off the bat.

The most important attention-grabbing tool is your headline. It's the first thing visitors to your site see -- and just like the neon sign outside the movie theater, or the newspaper vendor on the sidewalk shouting out the day's headlines, it's what makes people stop for a closer look.

A great headline should:

  • Create a problem that the reader can identify with
  • Stress the main benefit of your product in solving that problem
  • Generate excitement and a desire in your readers to find out more

I can illustrate this using a "before and after" example showing how our team rewrote a headline for a client of ours (in the interests of confidentiality, I've changed the product name):


XYZ Soil Conditioner - Shelf stable live soil microbes from concentrate!
For lawn, garden, & houseplants! Used in agriculture, too!

This headline includes a classic mistake that most online entrepreneurs make -- they use the name of their product or their web site instead of a real headline. The above headline doesn't introduce a problem that readers can identify with, or provide any benefits of the product. And it's not going to grab the attention of many readers -- after all, what's exciting about soil microbes?!


Use the Best-Kept Secret of Organic Farmers to
Grow a Vibrant, Healthy Lawn and Garden, Reduce Your
Watering Bills, and Bring Damaged Soil Back to Life...

... Plus Learn How You Can Stop Wasting Money on Chemicals and Pesticides!

This new headline addresses the specific problems of its target market -- damaged soil, and money wasted on chemicals and pesticides -- and promises a solution. It also clearly lays out the two biggest benefits of the product -- a healthy lawn and garden, plus cost savings. The language is dynamic, attention-grabbing, and makes the reader want to find out more.

Take it from me -- headlines can have a HUGE impact on your sales, and just a couple of small tweaks can dramatically increase your profits. In fact, one simple change to your headline can increase your sales by up to 714%... or more!

I know this because at The Internet Marketing Center, we test several different headlines for each salesletter we write to see which works the best. I'd strongly recommend that you do the same.

Essential salesletter element #3:
Establish your credibility

Establishing your credibility helps your readers feel safe enough to buy from you -- and to give you their money over the Internet. You need to reassure them that you have all the right experience, and that you are trustworthy and honest.

The key is to back up everything you say with details of your experience, qualifications, awards, or memberships to relevant organizations and associations in your industry.

Take a look at this example from our sample salesletter:

Believe me, I know what I'm talking about! I've spent years traveling the world and learning the secrets of soil biology -- and I've put those secrets to work in my own organic gardens. Without using any fertilizer, herbicides, or other chemicals, I'm able to grow more fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables than I know what to do with! And I don't have to pull any weeds... because there aren't any!

Copy like this is aimed at convincing readers that you've faced EXACTLY the same problems as them -- and solved these problems! This will make readers far more likely to buy from you than from someone who doesn't demonstrate the same knowledge and experience.

Another great way to reinforce your credibility in the eyes of your readers is with testimonials from people who have bought your products and are happy to sing your praises!

You can put all your customer testimonials in one section, or spread them throughout your salesletter. Either way, be sure to include at least one or two strong testimonials right up front on your homepage.

Include the customer's full name, business name, and URL in each testimonial -- this makes it obvious that it has come from a real person. And avoid the temptation to "clean up" the writing in your testimonials so they all sound the same -- leaving the mistakes and rough spots in will make them more convincing.

Essential salesletter element #4:
Solve your reader's biggest problem

After creating a problem that the reader can identify with, including it in your headline, and describing it in more detail early in your salesletter, you'll need to show how your product or service can solve this problem.

A big mistake that most web site owners make in their sales copy is neglecting to emphasize the BENEFITS of their product or service. The fact is, your potential customer will NOT already understand the benefits of your offer -- so you must clearly explain EXACTLY what your product or service can do for them. How will it solve their problem? Will it save them money and time? Will it enrich their lives?

Make sure to pack your explanation full of clear, powerful benefits, so your reader knows exactly what your product can do for THEM. And don't forget -- benefits are NOT features!

You've probably heard the "benefits, not features" mantra before, but just in case you haven't, here's a quick overview. A FEATURE is an attribute of a product; for example, an adjustable spout on a watering can would be a feature. A BENEFIT, on the other hand, is a way that a product solves a problem. For example, if the adjustable spout (a feature) lets you easily change the direction and volume of water you pour on your plants, saving you time and effort, that's a BENEFIT.

Instead of stating features of your products, talk about the product's benefits to the reader and exactly how the product will solve their problems.

Here are a couple of benefits from the copy we wrote for our client's soil treatment web site:

  • Get beautiful, rich soil FAST -- without mess or hassle! Organic farmers spend YEARS building up the exact conditions that are needed for creating a healthy colony of microbes... so why not take advantage of their hard work WITHOUT all the back-breaking labor?

  • Treat your entire lawn and garden with ONE easy-to-use product! Why mess around with bags of fertilizer, lime, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals... when you can easily and simply create healthy, natural soil with a single product!

Note how this copy talks about specific ways in which the product can solve their problems, like easing their workload and reducing the number of different products they need to buy.

Every benefit you give your reader is another reason for them to buy, so be sure to list as many as you can!

Essential salesletter element #5:
Include a strong guarantee

A guarantee is an essential part of any salesletter. And the stronger your guarantee, the better. Whatever kind of guarantee you decide to offer, you must write it in such a way that it gives the reader the confidence to buy your product. A well-written guarantee shows that you fully believe in your product, and that you are willing to back up your belief in it. For example, here's the guarantee we wrote in our sample salesletter:

If your soil DOESN'T grow thicker and richer... if your lawn and plants DON'T flourish like never before... and if your fertilizer and watering bills DON'T drop dramatically... simply return the empty bottle and I'll refund your complete purchase price, no time limit, no questions asked.

This is a strong guarantee with no time limit and no penalties. A guarantee like this shows that you have complete confidence in your product's ability to do what you say it will -- otherwise, you'd be swamped with returns!

The stronger your guarantee, the more sales you'll generate -- and the fewer returns you'll actually get. It's a highly effective sales tool, and a vital part of any successful long salesletter.

How to make your salesletter close the sale!

So now that you've got the key elements of your salesletter in place, there are a few more strategies to consider that will take your sales copy to the next level -- and help convert your site's visitors into customers…

  • Write to your audience: You don't need to be a professional writer to create great sales copy -- just be yourself and write in a style that your audience will relate to. Imagine that you're talking DIRECTLY to just one person, rather than making a speech to an audience of hundreds.

  • Make it "scannable": You should use just one or two typefaces, include lists of bullet points, and separate the copy with sub-headlines. All this helps makes the copy scannable (most people scan web copy rather than reading it closely). You should also steer clear of unnecessary graphics and pictures, which can distract readers from your sales copy, and avoid using lots of different colors.

  • Create urgency: If your visitors are hesitant to make a purchase, they may decide to "think about it" for a few days -- but the fact is, if they leave your site without buying your product, they probably won't come back! You want visitors to your site to buy NOW! So you need to build urgency into your offer. For example, you could say your product is only available at this price for a few days, or offer free bonuses that people will only receive if they order within a certain period of time.

  • Ask for the order: This may seem obvious, but you need to explain EXACTLY what people need to do next to order. Don't just say "Click Here" or "Buy Now"! Say something like, "To order safely online, click here to visit our secure web server and follow the three easy steps."

  • Don't forget the P.S.: The "P.S." is the second most-read part of a salesletter, after the headline. Make sure to restate the main benefits of your product or service here, and also restate the urgency of your offer.

Final thoughts

Too many people spend all their time trying to drive traffic to their site… and ignore their sales copy or leave it until last! But the fact is, if your copy doesn't do its job in converting traffic to sales, it doesn't matter how many visitors your site gets -- you won't make as many sales as you could be making!

By leading the reader through all of these elements using a clear, uncluttered format, written the way you would talk to a customer... stressing all of the benefits of your product... and creating a sense of urgency that makes your readers click through to your order page… a well-written long salesletter can make an enormous difference to your sales.

In fact, your sales copy is SO important to making your web site profitable that my "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" course contains FIVE chapters on successful sales copy techniques alone! If you haven't read it already, I highly recommend that you check out this in-depth, A-Z "how-to" of writing captivating and sales-generating copy that really works, including tons of tips, examples, and resources.

Effective sales copy involves good planning, and constant tweaking and testing to find what works best. As my own tests show, a good salesletter on your homepage can improve your sales by at least 70% -- and up to 714%!

Those are amazing sales increases that no business can afford to ignore. And by using the proven formula I've outlined in this article, you should be able to make a real difference to your sales. Remember… even just one small tweak to your headline can make all the difference!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Corey Rudl is the owner of four highly successful online businesses that attract more than 1.8 million visitors per month and generate over $6.6 million each year. He is also the author of the #1 best-selling Internet Marketing course online.

To check out his site that's JAM-PACKED WITH THE EXACT INFORMATION YOU NEED to start, build, and grow your very own profitable Internet business, I highly recommend visiting

This guy really knows what he's talking about!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

1 Simple Step To Keep Your Fears From Holding YOU Back - Sell Big Ticket Items Now!

First, some background on today's topic. I've had a terrible week. Not terrible as in I got nothing done because I did actually get quite a bit done.
But man, I struggled. And I didn't even really understand why.
I have to admit, most of what I got done happened between Thursday and Sunday.
Have you ever had a week like that where you struggled to get things done?
Or worse yet, struggled and didn't get anything done? Or maybe it just FELT LIKE you didn't accomplish anything? 
I hate weeks like that and I rarely feel that way. So why was this week different? At first, I couldn't put my finger on anything specific. Looking back and replaying my week in my mind didn't cause anything to stand out either. In short, nothing really clicked as the cause for the way I was feeling and acting.
So then I decided to do what I always do when I am trying to solve a problem. I just kinda let it go for a while and did something else.
And THEN, I finally figured out what the problem was!
It wasn't anything specific about THIS week. It was related to something I had done several weeks ago. And it's very ironic that this was the cause of my problem.
You see, several weeks ago I had drafted my 90 marketing plan. This document describes what I plan to do in my Big Ticket Marketing efforts over a 3 month period. 
It's actually not that hard to figure out but it is something that you need to track closely and see which weeks of marketing effort have the biggest payoff. In other words, you want to track which things you did that resulted in the biggest payoff in sales, opt-ins by potential customers, joint ventures, branding, etc. 
Basically all the stuff we need to do to as part of our Big Ticket Marketing efforts. We want to repeat those things that give us the largest payoff in our next 3 month marketing plans and drop those things that didn't work out. And of course we always try new things that we think will work, as well.
Anyway, the reason that I was struggling and feeling like I wasn't accomplishing this week was because...
I had a lot of tasks I wanted to accomplish, because I'm an ambitious guy. I want to do well and I have a lot of goals I want to reach. This is all fine, but the point of having a 90 day marketing plan is so that it will be easy to focus on the specific set of tasks that I need to accomplish each week by focusing on ONLY ONE main area each week.
And normally, this system is very effective at keeping me focused. But, ironically, the act of creating the 90 day marketing plan made me look at everything I had to accomplish in the next 3 months and I was sort of stuck in that mode. I wasn't being effective at focusing on this weeks tasks because I was in OVERWHELM thinking about everything I had to get done, overall.
Have you ever experienced that?
I think we all have at one point or another.
However, I am disappointed that I didn't recognize what was going on sooner. My background as a software engineer for Microsoft forced me to be pretty disciplined about focusing on what I needed to do and what our team needed to do every week to accomplish our goals. And sometimes the ship cycles lasted between 1.5 to 2 years.
Plus I have a black belt in Hapkido (a Korean martial art like a cross between Tae Kwon Do and Aikido), which requires a lot of training discipline, patience, practice and long term view. But at the same time requires you to learn and work on smaller portions of the entire body of techniques, patterns, because that is the only way you can really learn what you need to know.
Anyway, my point is that I should know better and yet I still fell into the fear from OVERWHELM. And I think everyone experiences not only overwhelm but other fears about what they want to do as well.
The title of this article promised you a simple secret to keep your fears from holding you back - from selling Big Ticket Items. Can you guess what the secret is?
I'll give you a hint. It's not really a secret at all. In fact everyone knows about this but unfortunately not everyone knows what to do especially in a case like overwhelm.
Ready... the secret is ACTION!
Yes, ACTION. Now you are probably wondering... "Hey, wait a sec, you just said you were in overwhelm, how can action possibly be the secret for that?"
Napoleon Hill, in his book "Think and Grow Rich" said, "Action is the real measure of intelligence". Thomas Huxley said: "The great end of life is not knowledge but action." Intelligence means nothing, action means everything.
I knew what I had to do this week and yet I was struggling to do it. I even had a 90 day marketing plan with each week spelled out for me and yet I was stuck. I got unstuck when I realized I was overwhelmed and decided to do something about it. What I decided to do was to take action. But the type of action I decided to take was influenced by my previous experience both in software development and martial arts.
Have you heard of Kaizen?
Kaizen is a Japanese word which basically means 'continuous and incremental improvement'. The word came from when the Japanese were introduced to the work of W. Edward Deming when he was stationed in Japan to help them rebuild after World War II. While there, Deming introduced them to what later became know as Total Quality Management.
What I like about Kaizen is that it takes small action steps over time to solve problems. The beauty of this approach is that you can take something that currently seems daunting or puts you in overwhelm and start by only focusing on one small step that you can take to help improve the problem. The small step is so easy that you bypass your overwhelm and fears and just do that one small step. Then after a little while you introduce another small step and continuously improve the situation or problem until it is solved.
So in this way you CAN take action, even if it is very small, and slowly over time each action you take has an effect that builds on all the others and creates an unstoppable force until your problem has been solved. The fact that the action is so small makes it easy for you to do SOMETHING and not focus on how much you have to do.
Maybe a short example will help. One of my goals is to increase the readership of my articles and to get more people exciting about Big Ticket Marketing. One of the best ways to do that is to get my blog and my articles out to as many readers as I can. So this week, I wanted to get my Blog and my articles listed in as many E-zine and Electronic List directories as possible. I even have software to help me do this.
Guess how many directories and list locations there are?
Well... there are over 1000 just in the built in database in the software I am using.
I kept putting this off, because I had a bunch of other stuff I needed to get done as well. But this was a major focus for me this week. Finally, what I decided to do was to just add my information to ONE directory or list every time I finished another task. Breaking it down so that I only had to worry about one entry every so often REALLY helped me make some progress in this area, without worrying about how many there were.
I still have a long way to go, but my initial goal was to get listed in 20-25 sites and I'm currently sitting at 17. A few more sites and I will have met my goal!
Plus, Kaizen is really how I study martial arts so the process is very familiar to me even when applied to something else.
Ok, so the one 1 simple step you need to take anytime you have a fear to conquer or an overwhelming situation to deal with is to decide on one simple action that you can do in a very short amount of time that will ultimately help you solve your problem. Do this, and then increase what you are doing in that area by a little bit each time and before you know it you will have your problem solved. 
Try this! It works amazingly well with very little effort. And you get a huge amount of satisfaction knowing that you are taking steps to accomplish what you want to get done... and you'll be doing it almost effortlessly.
By the way, if you want a great little resource on how to apply Kaizen, you should get The Kaizen Way - One Small Step Can Change Your Life by Robert Maurer. It's a relatively recent book and a quick read at 182 pages. You can find it on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble online. Maybe this is your first small action step.
Also, check out the resource box below for some websites that will give you some resources you can really use related to your Big Ticket Marketing efforts!
Copyright (C) 2005 Chuck Daniel, Like Magic Marketing, LLC -- All Rights Reserved. 
Chuck is a former Microsoft software designer and program manager who spent more than a decade happily working on Email and CRM. Admittedly a seminar, workshop and information addict, Chuck left Microsoft to pursue his interests in personal development, internet, direct and information marketing and to promote and work for charitable causes. 
Chuck Daniel
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